Hamster Care

Hamster care is an important thing to think about before you buy a hamster as a pet. A hamster may not need a daily walking schedule like a dog and they may spend a lot of their time in their cage but they will need regular care and attention. So, what is involved here? What will you have to do to make sure that your hamster is cared for?

1. Food and water -- you’ll need to make sure that you take care of your hamster’s eating and drinking needs. They will need access to clean and fresh water every day, for example. Most owners will use a specially designed water bottle for this. You will also need to make sure that they get fresh food on a daily basis. Most people will simply buy hamster food from their local pet shop and will use this to feed their pet. Bear in mind that they may also like hamster treats every now and then, either ready made or made up from fresh fruits and vegetables, for example.
2. Bedding -- the bedding that you put down is an important part of your general hamster care. Your hamster bedding needs to be changed regularly to keep your hamster clean. Most people will use specially produced bedding for small pets here such as pellet or pulp based options.
3. Housing -- the cage you keep your hamster in is important. These may be small creatures but they do need some space to run around in. Hamsters can be very active at times! If you cannot afford a large state-of-the-art cage then look at smaller options that can be extended to or added to over time.
4. Fun -- your hamster will get bored if it has nothing to do in its cage. Fun is an important element of hamster care. So, for example, you could give your hamster tubes to run through, wheel to run round or balls to play in. They will need some kind of stimulation to keep them happy.

Hamster care will involve daily responsibilities such as feeding and watering and less regular duties such as cleaning out their bedding and giving their cages regular spring cleans. Although this may well be less work than you’ll have to put in with a larger pet it is still important to remember that these are all jobs you’ll have to do to keep your hamster happy and healthy